Méthode Anber DVD Vol. 2 - French Version

Méthode Anber DVD Vol. 2 - French Version

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“The Coach” Russ Anber, Rival Boxing Gear co-founder and renown trainer, is back and shares his advanced tips & techniques in this video designed to get the most out of your boxing training. Russ Anber is  a world class trainer, having trained a world champion and several Olympians.

Anber Method Round Two

Advanced Movement
  • The Bounce
  • Rythming
  • Pivoting 
  • Feinting
  • Dancing
  • Upper body movement

  • The 1-2
  • Double Jab, Right Hand
  • The 1, 2, 3 
  • Jab Hook Right hand
  • Jab, Right Hand, Left Hook to the body
  • Double Jab, Left Hook, Right Hand
  • Finish combination with the Left Hand
  • European Left Hook European Right Hand
  • Double Left Hook
  • Triple Left Hook
  • Jab, Upper Cut, Right Hand, Left Upper Cut
  • Shoe Shine
  • Vinnie’s Combination

Counter Punch the Jab
  • Counter the Straight Right Hand
  • Counter the Left Hook
  • Counter the Right Upper Cut

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