ProContact Mouthguard Jr

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Created in a dental lab by a sports dentist, this "Boil-n-Bite" mouthguard provides a secure and comfortable fit that is custom molded to your mouth.

Free of latex, BPA and PVC, the ProContact Mouthguard is crafted of PolyShok™, a proprietary blend of plastic specifically designed to create a high-performance, athletic mouthguard, and proven to be 150% more shock-absorbent than leading traditional "Boil-n-Bites".

The wide range of unique prints and colours available lets you show off your own personal style while staying protected during both sparring and competition.


  • "Boil-n-Bite" Mouthguard
  • Junior Size (Up to 12 Years Old)
  • Custom Fit
  • PolyShok™ Material
  • Free of Latex, BPA and PVC
  • Multi-layer Construction

Fitting Instructions

This "Boil-n-Bite" mouthguard softens with heat for a perfect fit. Here’s how to form your new mouthguard:

  • Heat a small pot of water on the stove.
  • When you see small bubbles forming (do not bring to a full boil), plunge your mouthguard into the water for 15 seconds.
  • Carefully remove it from the water using a popsicle stick or spoon.
  • Caution: The mouthguard will be hot, so check the temperature before putting it into your mouth, and let it cool down for a few seconds if need be.
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and onto your upper teeth.
  • Bite down firmly while pushing your tongue against your palate. DO NOT bite through the mouthpiece.
  • With your fingers, press the mouthguard against your gums to draw out all air and water.
  • Keep it in your mouth for at least one minute.
  • Remove the mouthguard and run it under cold water for 30 seconds to set and solidify it.
  • If need be, you can repeat the procedure for a second time.

Care Instructions

Well taken care of, this mouthpiece will give you round after round of comfort and protection.

Wash your mouthpiece after each use with toothpaste or mouthwash.

Keep it clean at all times!

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