The Future of Boxing - Deluxe Edition
The Future of Boxing - Deluxe Edition

The Future of Boxing - Deluxe Edition

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Hardcover book by Alexandre Choko (Author)


For more than five years, author, ex-fighter, gym owner, and boxing promoter Alexandre Choko traveled the world, tracking down 55 of the most important people in boxing.

Using his insiders' knowledge of the fight game, he extracted deeper and more personal interviews than many of the people had ever given, including some with boxing figures who have not spoken to the world in decades.

Choko combined the best parts of those interviews with hundreds of amazing images of the subjects and their lives in and out of the ring to create this remarkable and unique editorial product.

THE FUTURE OF BOXING is not only a labor of passion, it is also a remarkable addition to the long tradition of boxing literature. Boxing has always been a popular subject for authors from its earliest days to the Golden Age of Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis to the days of Ernest Hemingway extolling the manly virtues of the sport, through the 1960s when Mailer commented on Ali and Plimpton strapped on the gloves. But those books were, for the most part, outsiders looking in.

THE FUTURE OF BOXING brings the authentic voices of the champions themselves into clear view. And thanks to Choko's intimate knowledge of life in the ring, understanding what it is like to face an opponent with just one's fists to win the day - created a bond between subject and interviewer that led to dozens of heartwarming moments.

Deluxe Edition Features

  • Deluxe Edition Case
  • Autograph by a Hall of Fame Boxer Included Inside


12.75" x 13" x 1.75" (32cm x 33cm x 4.5cm)

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