Shock-Cord For Double End Bag

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This heavy-duty shock-cord is a soft-pull, elastic rope with a high stretch ratio to perfectly install a double end bag in the gym or at home. The shock-cord can be used either on one end of your bag or on both ends. You can experiment with how much shock-cord you want to use and how tight you want to make it, and see which way you prefer. The standard method normally used is, shock-cord on one end of the bag and rope on the other end. This enables you to adjust the tension, and make the bag “faster".


To order the right length, measure the height you will need from one end of your bag to either the floor or ceiling, or both depending on how much shock-cord you want to use. Be sure to add a little extra to that length to give you enough extra slack to tie your hooks and attachments (not included).

Remember it is always best to have excess shock cord than not enough. You can always cut and discard what you don’t need.

* Sold by the foot and will be shipped in one piece.


  • Braided cotton cover;
  • Multi-strand Rubber Core Inside;
  • Hooks and Attachments are not included.

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